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Michael Mokrus

My professional experience consists of 25 years continuously training people in various body psychotherapeutic modalities, while simultaneously maintaining a private practice for individual work and supervision.


The safe basis for common processes is based on mindfulness, acceptance, agency, a keen sense and clarity. My work is characterized by continuous engagement with the latest therapeutic and neuro-scientific developments.


Different body-psychotherapeutic, traumatherapeutic and mindfulness based approaches have inspired my work that can not be reduced to a defined, simple method or set of techniques.


People who come individually or as couples in my office, participate in specific seminars, supervisions or professional trainings, describe a gradual change in the way of embodying, relating, working and being with themselves and others. I rather like to call this a process of conscious, ongoing „learning and practicing.“

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Between stimulus and response there is a space. This space contains our strength to choose an answer.

Our response embodies our growth and freedom.

Viktor E. Frankl


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